My creations, my wayūüėÉ


The country awaits a revolution

A sudden yet formidable transformation

Which shall change the face of the nation

And put an end to rampant procrastination

The days of neglect shall be over

Equality and fraternity shall take over

From those who ruled only for themselves

And were busy, encashing in their bank shelves

No more there shall be plight

The rule of law and reason shall never lose sight

Justice shall be served, without delay

People shall be supreme, come what may

No divisions of classes or societies

No place for caste based anxieties

Humans shall be first, above all means

No politician would use, any dirty schemes

Corruption shall cease to exist

Policies will be what the public insists

Poverty and illiteracy shall be extinct

‘Nation First’ shall be the public instinct

Change shall not be so gradual

It has to be inclusive and phenomenal

It is on the works, is what I believe

Sooner or later, we will surely achieve

Till then, let us toil and strive together

For the future, that’s going to be better

Let us not kill the revolution within

That’s required for building the nation therein


Not a Diwali Night

The festival of lights was round the corner. Diwali, as they called it. Sparkling, sizzling fireworks lighting up the dark sky of Amavasya. Lots of delicacies and sweets to munch on. New glamorous and glittery attires to wear and what not. But not for Chakor. Neither for her family comprising of 5 siblings and ailing mother, and drunkard, pimp father. The reason, devastating and ravishing poverty. They could not secure 2 square meals a day, let alone make preparations for the festival. If there was something that was with them, it was poverty. No diwali for them, for sure.

Chakor, along with his brothers Nattha and Birju, barely 13, worked in various dhabas and hotels as helpers. The job sustained them quite modestly, but it was their father Dilip who spent the entire money in buying liquor, leaving nothing for fulfilling other bare necessities for the rest of the family. Their mother Sarla was down with tuberculosis since 6 months and was battling the disease without any medicines or treatment. Complete doom for everyone was assured, for sure.

Every year the kids, aged 4 to 13 looked with hope at the rich and prosperous kids of well off households, happy and fiesty with new dresses, colourful and sparkling fireworks and delicacies to munch upon. For them, it was a dream, a fantasy, a luxury they could never afford. Despite all the hard work and toil the elder siblings put in their work, inspite of the daily abuses and bashing they got from their ruthless masters, nothing seemed to come to their rescue from the vicious cycle of torture, toil and poverty they all were stuck in.

This year would be no different. All the kids would just be mute and helpless witnesses to the Shining India, complete with its Festivities, fun, Frolic and luxuries they could barely afford or even think of. The gleaming lights of Diwali would shine on their night of darkness and doom which seemed to last forever, ever. Their night would be dark, complete with hunger, sadness and melancholiness. 

It would be a diwali night for the affluent, not for them. 

And all does young Chakor ask, “When shall be our Diwali? Is this festival only for the rich and not for us, the poor? Or is it Not a Diwali night for us as always?”

Not Only For Us

The world, which we live

It’s scenic beauties

From tall mountains to deep seas

They are, but not only for us

The brilliance of the sunrise

The Sun’s light emanating, from its magnificent rise

The clouds, endless, infinite skies

They are there, but not only for us

The ever flowing rivers and Brooks

Which demand to be given a look

The hydra flora and fauna beneath

There they are,but not only for us

The aviaries flying high up the sky

The animilia of different species and types

Their diversities,  are there here

But they are, not only for us

You may ask, why is this so

To which I answer, without much ado

What did we do to our own dwellings

Did we show any mercy to our failings?

Our environment, which now lies in ruins

Because of our grave, grievous sins

Our unprecedented development

Our greedy, selfish predicament

Has eaten up more it could chew

Harming others and us too

Catastrophes now, have become violent

All thanks, to Mother Earth becoming intolerant

Of our crimes, of ravishing her beauty

Robbing her off her living diversity

Extinct flora and fauna, coupled with disasters

Are eating us up, way much faster

So it should dawn upon us

That we should mitigate this ruckus

Realization should be of the fact

That we should keep our planet intact

Cause We  are not it’s sole owners

Just shareholders we, with other partners

Taking their lives to sustain our needs

Shall never, ever pacify our greed

So let us live by harmonizing our interests

By coexisting peacefully  with the rest

A Woman

I am a woman

A daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister

Bound by the norms of the society

Since the ages, since eternity

Shackled by the chains of restrictions

Of Do’s and Don’t’s

About what to wear

What to bear

How to behave

How to play safe

Why, I do ask

But I am left unanswered….

It is really annoying

To follow paternal commanding

Cause it’s always my mistake

When any mishap takes place

May be I was too open

Which provoked him to ‘make out’ in the open

May be I wore skimpy attire

Which made his desires afire

For it’s me who has committed the sin

It’s me who looses and he has to win

When will this change?

The customs which seem so strange!

Waiting am I, for that fateful day

When my molesters, shall be at bay

When I shall fight, with equal might

And when I shall be safe, in the dearth of night

I await a revolution

Which shall bring the solution

To end this biased ness

Towards his sins and my ‘kindness’

I know it’s in the making

And all I can do, is just keep waiting

Just Keep waiting….


The Court Room

A tensed atmosphere inside

With two opposing sides

One prosecution and the other defence

One to save, and the other to prove the offence

Wooden furniture like the judge’s chair

The typists’ tables, judge’s table which first appear

And also at the other side

Is where the clerks and babus reside

Coupled with the witness box 

And the convict’s block

With the advent of tech

PCs have come with connected net

Case list by the door hung

Lawyers pleading with a continuous hum

Police bringing the convicts, chained

Their family members, bearing the taint 

Absolute seriousness, complete silence

Is what you see, in the judge’s presence

This is what courtrooms are all about

Hearing cases and thence removing doubt.

A Change of Sides

The latest political development in Bihar left the entire nation in shock and surprise. JD(U) (Janta Dal United) severed its partnership in the grand alliance consisting of RJD, Congress and joined hands with BJP, its former ally before 2014. Not only did it leave the grand alliance in utter shock and cheated, but also it was a win-win situation for the NDA, which now shall consist of HUM, BJP and JD (U) combined. The new tripartite alliance now has 132 MPs in its support, crossing well the required majority of 122 of the 243 seats in the state assembly. This move by CM Nitish Kumar has left the grand alliance partners INC (Indian National Congress) and RJD (Rashtriya Janta Dal) flabbergasted and annoyed at its fate. Although RJD has the highest number of votes (80) in the assembly, but given the size of the new tripartite government, no chance was left for RJD to prove its majority in the house.

What caused Mr. Kumar to take such a tough call? Well, there were a hell lot of reasons, which are stated below-

  1. He was not getting adequate respect and recognition for his work.
  2. With the fodder scam and the lara scam exposed, with his ally Lalu Prasad Yadav framed to be guilty in both of them, the credibility of the grand alliance and the erstwhile state government was in suspicion and in question.
  3. The public was not happy and noticed that no significant steps were taken to accelerate the development process in Bihar.
  4. He feared that the deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav not clearing his stand on the corruption charges framed against him will adversely affect his image of non tolerance towards corruption and corrupt practices.
  5. He feared that his image of Sushashan Babu (Good Governance Person) shall take a dip due to the corruption charges framed against the RJD leaders Laluji and Tejashwiji.

These above stated reasons compelled Nitishji to do the unthinkable (for the grand alliance).

However, speculations were ripe that Nitish may well join the BJP. Given the fact that he praised the demonetization move by the Centre and extended his support to NDA ‘s Presidential Candidate Mr. Ram Nath Kovind showed signs that there was growing apathy and support towards NDA and particularly BJP, which ultimately happened, leaving the grand alliance exasperated. Even the leaders of the grand alliance were not expecting this to happen, amid the fact that Mr. Kumar vowed to be reduced to nothing than to join BJP, this surprise move surprised the alliance once and for all.

This ‘change of sides’ gives clear indication that casual politics against BJP shall not suffice to shackle the already strong NDA. The opposition shall have to focus more in bringing up more relevant problems and shortcomings which may help to regain popular support much needed and required by them. Only labelling the government as fascist, dictatorial, one-man party, communal, fundamental and rich-class friendly shall not really help. If the opposition wants to topple the government, it should focus on having a clear vision under the umbrella of a single leader who should and shall try his/her level best to counter the NDA’s policies. Then only,¬†opposition’s¬†achhe din shall come.

‘Phenomenal’ Victory

“Mr. Ram Nath Kovind has been officially elected as the 14th President of the Republic of India” – News

This piece of news brings immense happiness in the faces of the ruling NDA+ (National Democratic Alliance cum other supporting parties). Although this victory was no surprise, the aam janta and rajneetik pandits alike, given the clear majority in the voting share by the alliance. Mr Kovind managed to garner 65.65% of the total votes out of the total of approximately 10,00,000 votes whereas Meira Kumar managed to get only 34%.

This victory was anticipated and awaited sans any doubt. It was already known that Mr. Kovind would be the next President-Elect, given the fact BJP and various other regional parties like JD(U), BJD, AIADMK, ADMK etc were strongly in the favour of Mr. Kovind’s candidature. Also, Kovind was a smart and well-thought-over choice, truly a masterstroke by BJP President Mr. Amit Shah and PM Mr Narendra Modi. The victory was well assured of the fact that both by numbers and character, Kovind had a considerable edge over Meira Kumar, who was blindly nominated in a hullaboo, copying NDA+’s candidature being a Dalit. Of course, both of them are Dalits, but both of them are extremely qualified and well educated in their fields- Kovind being an eminent lawyer and a MP of Rajya Sabha for 12 long years while Kumar being a Indian Foreign Service Officer and then MP and speaker of Rajya Sabha for a considerable amount of time. But on one hand while Kovind came from rags and had no political godfather, Kumar was herself having a family support given the fact that her father Babu Jagjivan Ram being an active politician and crusader for the upliftment of the Backward and the Downtrodden. So, it can be well inferred that while NDA chose quality over family, the UPA went nuts and did just the opposite.

Many a times during campaigning, Kumar said that this election is a “war of ideologies” and entire opposition should unite to defeat Kovind, which practically seemed impossible feat to be achieved easily. Kovind however, never said anything controversial and was deeply devoted in garnering as much votes he could and sometimes even praising the commonalities between him and Kumar, not giving a damn about who speaks what. Even though he was sure of his victory, he didn’t go crazy or proud about that. In fact, he campaigned with all decency and submission, without making lewd remarks. He even regarded the Presidential ¬†post as that of “great reverence” and promised to even uphold its power and sanctity at any cost. These were the main things that set him apart from Kumar, who could not think beyond election victory and opposition’s active support. It was this lack of myopic and limited vision that she ultimately lost.

Now, with Mr. Kovind swearing in the Presidential post today, which shall be¬†administered by the Chief Justice of India, Jagdish Singh Khehar, be the start of an new era of Indian Politics, and an equally promising era of development and prosperity. What makes this victory more ‘phenomenal’ is Mr. Kovind’s humility and steadfastness of purpose. Even after winning by a huge margin, he remained extremely humble, recounting his days of struggle back in his ancestral village, Painrakh, Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh. He spoke little, but whatever he spoke was to-the-point and applause worthy. It is really heartening to witness that people from humble beginnings can even make it to the apex of Indian governance- with Prime Minister¬†Narendra Modi¬†starting as a¬†chaivala¬†and being elected to power with huge majority and something similar happened with¬†President¬†Ram Nath Kovind who came from an extremely marginalized and struggling household and ultimately reaching the zenith, the pinnacle of his posting as the President.

It will be really interesting to see what sort of revolution comes with Kovind’s election, who has worked loads for Dalit upliftment and well being and has even promised to do the same being the President.

Best wishes Mr. President!

Disclaimer- The views expressed in this article are solely of the author and should not be taken to be factually universal and correct. This article does not intend to malign anyone’s beliefs and ideologies. Reader’s discretion is advised.